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 Who is Kalonjee?

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Kalonjee Gallimore is a black, queer New York-based actor/singer/dancer born in Harlem, NY, and raised in Atlanta, GA. He is currently in his last semester pursuing a BFA in Acting at NYU Tisch.

Kalonjee has loved performing at the age of 8; but, he started taking his training and career seriously upon being accepted into one of Atlanta's top performing arts high schools: Dekalb School of the Arts. Over the course of his 4 years there, he studied Theatre, Voice, Dance, Film, and Technical Theatre. 

Now, Kalonjee continues to learn and grow from mentors, friends, and his world-class educators.

Kalonjee believes that as an actor he is called to empathize with his character's struggles and aspirations and he hopes that through that exploration someone in the audience will follow suit. Kalonjee believes theatre can allow audiences to access emotions previously inaccessible, and verbalize insights previously impossible to render into words. And that power is what calls him to keep creating visceral thought-provoking work.

Kalonjee wants to work with artists also called to make transformative work? Are you one of them?

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